We have been awarded the Green Key label in May 2018. The label tells that we are committed to enhancing environmental awareness among our staff and customers, enhancing energy and water usage and reducing the environmental impact of our company.

At Kaidan Kiho, the Green Key label means that our customers can enjoy the ecological luxury of our villas.

Welcome to pleasant holidays or unusual congresses at Kaidan Kiho. Relax with a clear conscience in luxury holiday homes – we observe ecological aspects in their planning and their upkeeping.

Building materials

Our holiday homes have been built from traditional Finnish materials – from timber that originates from the surrounding woods. The insulation material in between the logs is linen that was cultivated on the field. Eco-wool made from recycled fibers was used to soundproof and thermally insulate the roof. The holiday homes have been painted with natural Uula-colors and the surface materials were selected with regard to their durability and easy cleaning properties. The holiday homes’ surroundings were left in a state as natural as possible. The construction works were realized with regional labor and know-how.

Maintenance technique

And also the technology for the holiday homes was chosen with respect to its eco-friendliness. Most of the holiday homes do not have any opening, energy-wasting windows. Instead, the air-conditioning in summer is controlled by an air heat pump, which automatically switches off when the door has been left open for a specific time.  Heat recovery has been integrated with the ventilation system. The showers have been equipped with timers and the toilets use low-pressure, which annually saves up to 230,000 liters of the drinking water obtained from a drilled well.  The heating and hot water supply of all holiday homes is realized through geo-thermal heat pumps in the lake. The waste water is treated right on site. The water obtained from the drilled well is drinkable.


The holiday homes’ waste is sorted and the organic waste is composted. Nearby the beach saunas there are composting toilets, too. The firewood originates from the proprietary forest. Instructions on how to use the sauna and save energy are available. All cleaning agents are eco-friendly. The yard has been equipped with numerous nest boxes, the inhabitants of which our guests enjoy watching. Hatching birds and their brood additionally help reducing mosquitos.

Eco-friendly hobbies

The surroundings provide opportunities for eco-friendly hobbies such as fishing, walking, picking fruits and mushrooms, or cycling. The boats have been equipped with eco-friendly electric motors.

Kaidan Kiho we act responsibly and treat all people equally. Our environmental efforts are recognized internationally, and we have been awarded Green Key Certification. Also, we are a member of We speak Gay network. In Kaidan Kiho equality means that all people are treated with respect and equality irrespective of their gender, age, origin, nationality, language, religion or belief, opinion, disability, health, sexual orientation or other personal cause.