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Terms of reservation

Kaidan Kiho Terms of Reservation of cottages Kaidan kunkku, Kilpikonna, Valmuska and Hapero and Tuukkala farm B&B accommodation

Kaidan Kiho acts upon the following terms of reservation. The following terms are binding upon both parties when the client has paid the advance payment mentioned in these terms. These terms are valid both in national and foreign trade. Right to alterations reserved. When placing an order these terms shall exclusively prevail. Alternatively laws of Finland are to be complied with.


Preliminary Reservation, Reservation and Payment

Kaidan Kiho may take preliminary reservations under consideration. Preliminary reservation will be changed into normal reservation and will be invoiced, if it is not cancelled by the date of confirmation. The client must make the advance payment (25 % of the total payment) by the due date shown in the confirmation. This confirms the reservation. The second part of the payment must be made no later than 30 days before the beginning of the reservation. If the reservation is made later than 30 days before the beginning of the period reserved, only one invoice covering the total payment will be sent to the client. If the client does not make the payments by the due date, the reservation will automatically be cancelled and the cottage offered to other clients. If the client does not cancel the reservation in writing, and the cottage can therefore not be sold to other clients, the total payment will be charged from the client. After the invoice is paid the client will receive information on the cottage and its accessories, as well as directions on where to get the key and how to get to the cottage.

The Client shall inform the e-mail address and telephone number the door code will be sent to.

The booker must be at least 20 years old and be present at check-in at the resort.


Payment service provider

Visma Payments Oy (2486559-4) acts as an implementer of the payment handling service and as a Payment Service Provider. Visma Payments Oy will be shown as the recipient in the invoice and Visma Payments Oy will forward the payment to the merchant.

Visma Payments Oy is an authorized Payment Institution. For reclamations, please contact the website you made your payment to.

Visma Payments Oy, business ID 2486559-4

Brahenkatu 4

53100 Lappeenranta

Phone: +358 9 3154 2037



Visma Payments Oy (FI24865594) provides netbank related payment transfer services in co-operation with Finnish banks and credit institutions. For consumer the service works exactly the same way as traditional web payments.


Cancellation and Changes in Reservation

Cancellations must always be made in writing to Kaidan Kiho. Cancellation takes effect when the information arrives to Kaidan Kiho. The advance payment paid before the cancellation will not be returned to the client. If the reservation is cancelled less than 30 days before the beginning of reservation, no money will be refunded to the client. If, however, Kaidan Kiho manages to get new clients to the cottage at the time of the cancelled reservation, the payment received from the new client can be refunded. However, the advance payment (25%) will not be refunded. The cancellation must be made immediately. If the client changes his reservation to another time, the change will be considered a cancellation of the prior reservation and a new reservation.

We strongly recommend to purchase travel insurance which, in case the reservation is cancelled, will cover travel expenses.


The right of Kaidan Kiho to Cancel a Reservation

Kaidan Kiho has the right to cancel the reservation or to suspend the service in case of force-majeure circumstances, including, fire, natural disaster, acts of authorities, labour strikes and other unforeseen actions on which Kaidan Kiho has no influence and which make it difficult to continue servicing. If the order is cancelled all the Client`s expenses will be reimbursed or, if the service is suspended due to the impossibility of its provision, the remaining sum will be paid back. The liability of Kaidan Kiho is restricted to returning the money paid only.


Receiving, Using and Returning the Keys

The reservation period begins daily at 4 p.m. and ends daily at noon. Keys to the cottage agree one at a time. If the client looses a key, he will be charged the expenses for changing the lock. 


Staying at the holiday home

The client has a free right to use the villa. Using a caravan or a tent allowed only when agreed with the owner. The equipment mentioned in the reservation document is included in the rent. The client is supposed to use sheets. The client is responsible for cleaning the cottage during his visit. Final cleaning does not include the following tasks which we expect the client to: taking out the trash, putting furniture and other things to their original places (unbroken). The final cleaning is included in the price, but the cottage is supposed to look normal meaning that the trash has to be taken out, the furniture and other things have to be placed to their original places (unbroken) and possible stains, vomit and excrements have to be removed.

Using candles, faint lights and torches is allowed only in the places reserved for them: on metallic and ceramic under lays or on under lays made of glass. The stearine should not run outside the under lays.

No open fire is allowed in the saunas. Using a bath whisk is not allowed in the sauna of the main building and in the lakeside sauna.

Drying berries mushrooms and fish is allowed only in the convection oven in the kitchen.

If the client fails to perform these tasks and leaves the cottage untidy and the building manager has to do the cleaning before the arrival of the next guest the client will be charged € 50/hour incl. VAT 24% for the extra cleaning.

The speed limit for motor boats at lake is 9 km / h. Use of water scooters is prohibited. Grill awning/sauna of Hapero and Valmuska are available during 28.4. – 31.10.

A representative of Kaida Kiho has the right to visit a vacation home technical space during the rental.

Charging an electric car must be agreed with Kaida Kiho. 


Prevention of slipperiness

To be able to prevent the slipperiness in the stairs, on the terraces, footpaths, roads and on the jetty, there is some chip for sanding in a separate container. During his/her stay at Kaidan Kiho, the client is responsible for taking care of the prevention of slipperiness needed. If there is no chip left, the client is obliged to announce it to the owner of the villa.

In case of a possible accident because of slipperiness, the client is obliged to announce it to the owner of the villa immediately. If the owner has not been informed right away, the responsibility of Kaidan Kiho for the accident is dropped. If the client hurts him/herself because of slipperiness under the influence of alcohol or drugs, Kaidan Kiho has no responsibility for the accident.


Hole in the ice in Villa Kaidan Kunkku

The hole in the ice is situated at the end of the jetty and to avoid its’ freezing during the winter, there is a machine developing flow. The client has to take into consideration that the ice becomes weaker in a bigger area than the hole in the ice. Thus, it is forbidden to move on the ice closer than 30 meters from the edge of the hole in the ice.

The owner of the villa tries to keep the paths to the hole in the ice in as good shape as possible. Nevertheless, it is possible, because the weather can change quickly, that there is some slipperiness in the paths and the stairs. In such a case, the client has to be especially careful and start preventing the slipperiness by taking away the snow in the paths and stairs and spreading some chip on them. When needed, the client can contact the owner of the villa.

Using the hole in the ice under the influence of alcohol or drugs is strongly forbidden.

The client has the responsibility to clarify his/her state of health, and if swimming in the hole in the ice in that state of health is suitable for him/her.

Taking with slippers and a bathrobe of his/her own is recommended!


Villa Kilpikonna, Valmuska and Hapero have not winter maintenance in the stairs to the beach

All movement in stairs to the beach, staying on the jetty, swimming and moving on the ice is the customer’s own responsibility. Next to the jetty is a flow pump that weakens ice from a wide area.


Damages, defects and complaints

Complaints concerning the accommodation or any other conditions must be addressed to Kaidan Kiho immediately when noticed, so the conditions can be improved and inconvenience minimised. If the damage cannot be improved, the owner has to get an immediate complaint in writing. Complaints made after hand are not taken into consideration. The client must also inform Kaidan Kiho immediately on any damages caused to the cottage or the interior and pay full compensation. The damages not informed will be charged after hand according to real expenses. In the event that the customer and Kaidan Kiho fail to reach an agreement, the customer may take the matter by the consumer complaint board in Finland. If counterparts haven`t reached an agreement the dispute shall be settled in the nearest court to Kaidan Kiho.


The number of persons

The maximum number of persons allowed to stay in the cottage is the same as the number of beds and extra beds in the cottage. The number of persons printed in the invoice must not be exceeded. Illegal extra persons will be charged 60 €/night each, in cash. For an overnight stay, we consider from 10 pm to 08 am.

Use of personal extra beds is allowed by preliminary agreement.


Smoking, snuff, pets

Smoking is allowed only outside the cottage in an area reserved for smoking. After use, snuffs should be put in mixed waste and cigarette butts should be put in an ashtray. Penalty for illegal smoking inside is 200 €.

Pets are allowed in the cottage Valmuska and Hapero, if agree on it. The pet owner must collect pet waste from the yard area. Pets are not allowed in the cottage Kaidan Kunkku and Kilpikonna. Penalty for pets is 200 €/pet/day each, in cash. Kaidan Kiho has no liability for any inconvenience for the clients (allergies or the like) caused by illegal smoking or pets. A sick pet is not a legal reason to cancel the reservation.


Kaidan Kiho

Puh: Esko +358 50 5278814 ja Leena +358 45 6349299